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Changes to original Sprint Startlist

The following changes have been made to the first published version of the sprint startlist:


10:16:00 Christof Haingartner, Austria (new in the list)

All starting times of the following competitors have been corrected: (+ 2 minutes)


11:01:00 Dannowski Anke, Germany (orange group)
11:03:00 Christoffersen Caecilie, Denmark (orange group)
11:07:00 Paulickova Renata, Czech Republic (red group)
11:15:00 Hara Marika Finland, (red group)

We apologize for these corrections!

Startlists in Eventor are already up to date:

MTBO World Cup Stamp

For all friends of stamp collecting. There will be a special edition of an official MTBO World Cup stamp!

First day of issue will be  June 2nd 2017.

The stamp is produced in 2 versions with different values: one with 68ct (for letters to Austria) and one with 80ct (for Europe). The price for the stamps will be the same: one stamp costs  € 3,50, if you pickup the order at the competition center in Edelhof during the world cup or € 4,50 by mail afterwards. There is also the possibility to purchase a whole sheet with 20 stamps for € 60.

You can order this stamp over the competition office – or directly at Don’t forget  to include in the mail your name and adress,  the amount  of stamps and your choice of delivery.