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Snow delays map revision

The unexpected snowfall of the past two weeks has mixed up a little bit the preparation for the World Cup . Therefore the last map corrections could not begin until May 1st.

Nevertheless everything is on “track” for the World Cup 2 – 5 June.

Bulletin 4 will be published in mid-May.


Announcement Bulletin3

BULLETIN 3 will be out after the preliminary deadline by February 20th 2017.

There will be a new bank account of our sponsor “SPARKASSE WALDVIERTEL” for payment. Please do not use the bank account of bulletin 1&2!

First Visit of Event Adviser

After his victory in the class M 21 C at the WRE-long event in Grafenschlag the Event Adviser of the Worldcup David Hlavac stayed two days longer to inspect the event center and the forest for all events 2017.

Bulletin 1-2 was checked and will be out soon.

Event Adviser David Hlavac

Event Adviser David Hlavac