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You are here: World Masters/Pre-WMOC competitions Salzburg
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preGames 2006 Gala Show

More than you expected.

The average gives the existence, the unusual the worth. (Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900)

pregames_violin.png Feel like a countess for one evening? Dine like the archbishop for one night? Listen to ancient music, while looking at the latest fashion? Then you definitely should join our most exclusive Gala show at the famous "Gwandhaus" in Salzburg. This beautiful, former castle "St. Rupert", is now home of the country fashion maker Gössl and one of the most interesting places to visit, if you are in Mozart's home town.

Unfortunately not everybody gets this chance. So don't miss your possibility to relax and enjoy a delicious eight course dinner of finest quality and meet some interesting people. Let us welcome you with live music and a drink between 17:30 and 18:00 while enjoying a breathtaking view over the park, as far as to the distant mountain range. Afterwards we ask you to be seated in the dining hall to enjoy our chef's culinary masterpieces and taste some Austrian wines or refresh yourself with a cool beer or juices.

Before you can choose from a variation of the finest assorted desserts, we will entertain you with an amusing Austrian fashion show and some reflections of the past few days. We will make this evening unforgettable for you and your friends!

Costs per person: € 68,-- Limited number of people. Please book now to have a guaranteed reservation. Details at www.henndorf.at/ol

Gala Menu

Starter courses

Fresh bread & rolls paprika curd, herbal curd, potato curd

Bouillon with semolina dumplings

Salad from the buffet

Ravioli filled with ruccola, Parmesan and truffle pesto

Lime-basil sherbet

Main courses

Grilled fillet of perch on cucumber-dill vegetable and safran risotto


Tranche of beef, medium-rosa with sauce Bernaise, white asparagus and potato gratin


The vegetable Gala Fine assorted vegetables with sauce Hollandaise


Delicious Buffet with Strudel of curd and apricots, Strudel with blackberries,Various parfaits, Selection of fruit dumplings, Mousse of buttermilk, fruit salad and marinated strawberries, Chocolate sauce, Vanilla sauce

More information: pdf_small.png preGames 2006 Gala Show Invitation

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