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07/17/2011 10:30am
Thank you for coming!

The organisers of 6 Days of Austria would like to say thank you for coming. We hope you had a wonderful stay and nice competitions in Austria!

Results of the last stage in Witzelsberg have been published, see results page, as usual.

We added more photos of stages two, three and four. There will also be more photos of the last stage soon.

07/15/2011 05:45pm
Results stage 5

Results of the fifth stage in Bad Fischau have been published, see results page.

Chase start lists can be found here.

07/14/2011 04:30pm
Results stage 4

Results of the fourth stage in Grimmenstein have been published, see results page.

07/12/2011 03:30pm
Results stage 3

Results of the third stage in Wiener Neustadt have been published, see results page.

07/11/2011 05:00pm
Results stage 2

Results of second stage are online, see results page.

We also added some more pictures of yesterday's stage.

07/10/2011 11:38pm
Results stage 1

Results, splittimes, splitalyzer, routegadget (draw your own route and compare with others!), pictures and total results of today's first stage in Aspang are online.

You may view them on the results page or in the box to the right.

07/04/2011 02:00pm

We have published the programme book containing all important information. You can download it here (PDF, 8.5MB). You will receive a personal copy when picking up your start numbers.

When picking up your team's start numbers you will have to know your registration id. To find out your id you have three options:

  1. Login - Go to "Summary" - Your id is visible under "Account information" - "Personal data" - "Your internal id".
  2. Search your name in the startlist - your id is the 5-digit number left of your club.
  3. We will publish a list of all names and id's in the event center, you may search for your id there.

If you come by car and use a navigation device, you may want to use the following coordinates to find the parking areas:

Event center (Wiener Neustadt)47.810589,16.210241
Training 1 (Unternberg)47.579247,16.03255
Stage 1 (Aspang)47.548461,16.084929
Stage 2 (St. Corona)47.57895,16.019037
Stage 3 (Wiener Neusatdt)47.840929,16.206014
Training 2 (Hohe Wand)47.831733,16.045328
Stage 4 (Grimmenstein)47.613295,16.123477
Stage 5 (Bad Fischau)47.833829,16.175094
Stage 6 (Witzelsberg)47.672836,16.117673
06/30/2011 12:00pm
Important information

For those of you who plan to go to Aspang (stage 1 on 10 July) by train, please note that there will be rail replacement bus service due to construction works between Wiener Neustadt and Aspang. See details here. Alternatively, you may want to use our bus transport to all stages. You can book tickets after you login.

On Sunday, 10 July, the event center will be open in Wiener Neustadt until 12:00 and then open in Aspang at 12:30.

06/29/2011 12:30pm
Change in competition programme

The competition programme for stage five (15 July) in Bad Fischau has been changed. First start is now at 10:00. See competition programme. The startlists have been updated according to this change.

06/24/2011 10:07am
Startlists available

Startlists by categories and clubs are available. Please check your entries! Categories M10 and W10 have fixed starttimes and therefore chasing start on last stage.

Changes and new entries (if vacant place are available) will be accepted by email only from now on. Each change will cost € 3.

The finish area of the second stage will be reachable with chairlift (overview map). For booking tickets, please login and go to "Manage tickets".

06/15/2011 11:54pm
Next updates

The map of the event center has been updated, see here. The campsite has been moved to the shooting range next to the school.

The finish area of the second stage will be reachable with chairlift. For details and options see the new map here. You can book tickets for the chairlift from now on. For booking, please login and go to "Manage tickets".

Also, the fees for the bus transport tickets have been fixed now (€50 / €30 as estimated).

04/08/2011 12:22pm
Recent updates

Stage 4 on 14 July has been moved from Bad Fischau to Grimmenstein, please have a look at the overview map and the competition programme. The following pages have been updated as well:

01/14/2011 02:09pm
PayPal available!

PayPal is now available.

For more information on how to pay with your creditcard using PayPal, please go to the payment information page.

01/14/2011 11:11am
Starttimes, training and kindergarten

The categories "Open Long" and "Open Short" will have free starttimes, see classes and fees for details.

We have added one more training possibility at Hohe Wand on 13 July 2011 from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM. Picture and map samples will be available soon.

Kindergarten (child care) will be available near the finish on all competition days. Check this page for updates.

12/16/2010 10:48am
Further Updates

Notice: stage five has changed from Mollram to Bad Fischau. Please have a look at the overview map and competition programme for details.

Also, the second training has been moved from Katzelsdorf to Wöllersdorf.

The competition programme has been updated, changes include prize giving ceremonies and schedules.

It is possible to book tickets for bus transport in the control panel now.


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